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Preoperative instructions

Patients will generally have to attend the Wesley or St Andrew’s Hospital Pre-Admission Clinic prior to surgery. This is necessary to have routine preoperative tests done (bloods, Xray, ECG, etc). This requirement will vary depending on you age, fitness and what surgery you are having done. Please discuss with Dr Dodd.

Weight Loss Surgery patients will need to undergo a low carbohydrate diet, with the assistance of Dietician Nicola Fox, for between 2 and 4 weeks before surgery. This will help you lose 5 – 10kg, shrinking your liver and abdominal fat, making your surgery much safer.

All patients undergoing major cancer surgery (oesophagectomy, gastrectomy) should undergo a period of ‘prehabilitation’ during their preoperative chemotherapy. This involves losing fat, building muscle mass and improving cardiorespiratory (heart/lung) fitness, substantially decreasing your risk of complications.

Any antireflux and hernia surgery patients with a BMI (body mass index) over 25 will also achieve much better results if they can lose some weight, both preoperatively and in the longer term. This is best achieved through a low carbohydrate diet. Please discuss with Nicola Fox, Dietician.